October 7, 2019 Press Release

Visit to Weihai, China

A delegation of six local representatives will be participating in the upcoming Sister City conference, sponsored by Shandong Province, China, from October 15 to 19.  Our Mayor, Cathy Murillo, will be represented by Council Member, Oscar Gutierrez.  Oscar will attend along with Xiaoli King, senior financial systems analyst with SB County, Jessy Lee, International Business Consultant, Sara Wilcox, local artist, and Peter Haslund, Professor Emeritus from SBCC.  All are members of the Santa Barbara – Weihai Sister City Association Board of Directors.The conference will include a meeting with city mayors and Shandong’s Governor as well as delegates from many of Shandong Province’s sister cities.  The object of the conference is to explore additional ways by which our two cities can cooperate.  Weihai has a national reputation for being the most environmentally clean city in the country, so it is hoped that we can connect with those in Weihai who have been responsible for this work.

Over the years, Professor Peter Haslund of SBCC has taken several hundred Santa Barbara students as well as about 50 teachers from all of our area high schools to Weihai.  The goal of the teachers was to learn about China’s history and culture and to help local Weihai students learn about us.

Dr. Haslund made the initial visit to Weihai in 1987, and we were officially linked as Sister Cities in 1993.