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The purpose of our Association is to promote an ongoing relationship between the city of Santa Barbara, California, and the city of Weihai, Shandong Province, China, by developing activities that support mutually beneficial academic, commercial and cultural exchanges.

Weihai became a Sister City to Santa Barbara in 1993. We are a chapter of the Santa Barbara Sister Cities International. Currently, Santa Barbara’s Sister Cities include Toba City, Japan; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Weihai, Peoples’ Republic of China; San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines; Dingle Ireland; and Kotor, Montenegro.

Our Association is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to discuss future plans. As a member of our Sister City Association, you will be invited to our quarterly meetings as well as all other events sponsored by our Association, such as celebrating the Chinese New Year, hosting visitors from Weihai, and visiting China with a tour organized by our board members.

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