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28th Annual Sister Cities Dinner 2019

The SB Sister Cities/ UN Dinner will be held at 6pm at the Carrillo Recreation Center on October 20th, 2019.  Reservations need to be made by emailing: by Oct. 16th, 2019.

Join us! The application for joining our organization is simple. Fill in this Membership Form and the annual membership fee is only $10!

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Welcome New Member Betsy Green

Please welcome our newest Santa Barbara/Weihai Sister City member Betsy Green.  Betsy has her B.A. in Far Eastern Studies and has lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong for 6 1/2 years.  She speaks some Mandarin and first visited China in 1979.  Betsy is also the author of The Way Back When books –the history of Santa Barbara one year at a time!  
Please check out her website:  

China in the Age of Trump

MBA China Panel 8.2019.jpg

(from left to right): Winston (Zai) Li (SB/Weihai Sister City Board Member); Dr. Jerry Cohen Professor at UCSB; Eliesa Bollinger (Secretary SB/Weihai Sister City); Dr. Peter Haslund (VP SBCC Board of Trustees and Advisor/Board Member SB/Weihai Sister City; Jill Stassinos (President SB/Weihai Sister City); Noel Rix (VP Global Product Development for Deckers Brand); Anna Kwong (Vice President/SB/Weihai Sister City); Dr. George Ayoub (Board Member SB/Weihai Sister City) and Daniel Lender, Executive VP and CFO for QAD.on

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Welcome New Member Jessy Lee!

I am pleased to welcome our newest Santa Barbara/Weihai Sister City member Jessy Lee.  Jessy was born in China and has lived in Santa Barbara for over 20 years.  She assisted Former Mayor Helene Schneider with her trip to China last year.  Jessy is interested in assisting our association with future trips to Weihai as well.

Dealing with China in an Age of Trump

Event Flyer

WHEN: Friday, August 9, 2019 – 5:30pm
WHERE: Antioch University Community Hall, 602 Anacapa Street

Over the years, relations between the world’s two largest powers have
evolved to a complex mix of trade partnership and intensifying political
rivalry. Recently the Trump administration’s policy toward China has shifted
the foundations of our relationship with the People’s Republic, prompting
several essential questions.

Are the administration’s policies justified? Are the instruments of US policy
the most effective? If our relationship has been damaged, is it subject to
repair? Are alternatives still possible? What would those look like, and what
lies ahead?

Given the rising global tensions, it’s time for us to reach out and explore
what may come. Join us for a conversation that will examine:
1. The foundations of US-China relations
2. Overall implications of the current policy
3. Future outlook and possibilities of damage or repair

Our main speaker for this event will be Dr. Benjamin Jerry Cohen, Lancaster
Professor of International Political Economy at UCSB. Professor Cohen willbe joined by two panel members: Daniel Lender, the Executive Vice-President and CFO for QAD and Noel Rix, the Vice-President, Global Product

Development for Deckers Brand. These three experts will engage with one
another and respond to questions from the audience. The moderator will
be Dr. Peter Haslund, Vice President of Santa Barbara City College Board of

Co-sponsored by SBCC’s Nadel School of Business & Entrepreneurship